Some relevant dates

Mel Chua mel at
Sun Nov 8 16:57:18 UTC 2009

> Oct. 21 - In-depth feature #1 (SystemTap)
> Oct. 27 - Video spotlight #1
> Oct. 26 - Nov. 8: Edit webcopy for
> Weeks of Nov. 3 and Nov. 9 - schedule and facilitate pre-briefs
> Nov.  3 - In-depth feature #2 (Desktop or Virt)<-- prefer Desktop here
> Nov.  5 - Finalize homepage promo and send to geos
> Nov.  9 - Finalize F12 launch video
> Nov. 10 - Video spotlight #2
> Nov. 12 - Press release to int'l PR teams for translation
> Nov. 17 - F12 GA / Launch video / press release

Thanks for the heads-up, Paul - ooh, video spotlights! I'm curious to 
see those.

As a side note, for the next release, we might want to try merging the 
F13 version of the calendar above and the F13 version of (the 
marketing task timeline the Fedora Marketing team came up with at the 
start of the cycle), so we have all the F13 Marketing/PR dates on one 
page; I wonder if that will make it easier for Fedora Marketing and Red 
Hat PR/Marketing to help each other out on this.

We can figure whether this will work during F13 planning meetings, this 
is just a heads-up that it's something likely to hit the agenda at some 
point after the craziness from this cycle is over.


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