Help wanted: F12 Social Media Czar

Pascal Calarco pcalarco at
Tue Nov 10 21:52:10 UTC 2009

Hi Mel and all --

I am happy to help with one of LinkedIn or Facebook, am on both and an 
admin of the LinkedIn Fedora group, so happy to help.  There are 1696 
members of the LinkedIn group[1]and 1463 in the Fedora - Linux group[2]

We could also perhaps start some appropriate discussion threads within 
the LinkedIn group if there is ready content, like reuse of some of the 
F12 feature focuses various folk have started doing.  Posting one of 
these every second day or so now through sometime after launch might be 
interesting for folks.


Larry Cafiero is an admin of the Fedora group and Paul is an officer.

Paul. Jon Stanley, myself, and Franesco Crippa are managers of the 
LinkedIn group.

   - pascal

On 10/11/09 04:36 PM, Mel Chua wrote:
> Now seeking social media czars for the F12 cycle. Are you a Facebook
> fiend, a frequent Digger, a compulsive tweeter, etc? We're looking for
> you. Be our team's liason to social media sites you already frequent.
> Timescale: Starting now, ending 4 weeks from the date of this email
> (December 8, 2009 - incidentally, that's at the end of FUDCon).
> Responsibilities:
> 1. Watch this mailing list for articles/materials people are finding
> about Fedora 12
> 2. Promote those materials to the network(s) that you've chosen.
> 3. Let the mailing list know when you do that, so we can jump in and
> help digg/retweet etc. your post.
> 4. At the end of the 4 weeks, write a quick email to this mailing list
> about the activity you saw on the social network(s) you were czar of,
> and what you think would make this more effective for the next round.
> My guess is that it'll take an hour a week or less (which you're already
> spending on Facebook, etc. anyway ;) and then 5 minutes to write up the
> email at the end.
> How to sign up:
> Post to this thread to claim your social networking site. If someone has
> already claimed the one you want to do, shoot them an email and coordinate.
> --Mel

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