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Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Tue Nov 10 21:53:45 UTC 2009

Is there any place where we have a master list of who and where we are
(ie: robyn is X on facebook, Y on twitter, etc)?

On 11/10/09, Mel Chua <mel at> wrote:
> Now seeking social media czars for the F12 cycle. Are you a Facebook
> fiend, a frequent Digger, a compulsive tweeter, etc? We're looking for
> you. Be our team's liason to social media sites you already frequent.
> Timescale: Starting now, ending 4 weeks from the date of this email
> (December 8, 2009 - incidentally, that's at the end of FUDCon).
> Responsibilities:
> 1. Watch this mailing list for articles/materials people are finding
> about Fedora 12
> 2. Promote those materials to the network(s) that you've chosen.
> 3. Let the mailing list know when you do that, so we can jump in and
> help digg/retweet etc. your post.
> 4. At the end of the 4 weeks, write a quick email to this mailing list
> about the activity you saw on the social network(s) you were czar of,
> and what you think would make this more effective for the next round.
> My guess is that it'll take an hour a week or less (which you're already
> spending on Facebook, etc. anyway ;) and then 5 minutes to write up the
> email at the end.
> How to sign up:
> Post to this thread to claim your social networking site. If someone has
> already claimed the one you want to do, shoot them an email and coordinate.
> --Mel
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