F12 One-Page Release Notes PDF

Máirín Duffy mairin at linuxgrrl.com
Fri Nov 13 23:41:23 UTC 2009


So, um... the PDF of the one-page release notes isn't one page. o_O
There's way too much content. So there's one general page, then one page
for desktop users, then one page for sysadmins and developers.

Mel had the idea folks could print out the first page on the front of a
sheet, and either the desktop page or the sysadmin/devel page on the
other side, so it would be 1 page, 2-sides, and folks could pick up the
sheet based on their interests.

Anyway here is the PDF file with all 3 pages:


(Thank goodness Ryan Lerch introduced me to pdfmod, it made combining
them into one file very easy)

The individual PDF files and Inkscape SVG source are here:


(btw, I didn't use Scribus because the latest Scribus release, as I
found and was also discovered by jimmac and andreasn of GNOME in IRC
today, is a bit of a stinker :( )


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