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Mel Chua mel at
Sat Nov 21 10:36:13 UTC 2009

On 11/20/2009 12:39 PM, Mel Chua wrote:
> Mo Duffy is working on user research for Fedora, which has a lot of
> potential overlap (and therefore synergy - yay synergy!) with our
> marketing research efforts.

Update: the Design Team is having a sprint this coming Tuesday to work 
on user research - see 
for details.

By sheer coincidence, our current plan for next week's meeting time is 
that Sakis is leading us on sprinting on user stories - Sakis, how can 
we use this to our benefit (and what are we doing / what should we do to 
prep for Tuesday)? Mo, do you have any thoughts/requests on whether (and 
if so, how) we can join forces?


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