Self-introduction: Ryan Rix (PhrkOnLsh)

Mel Chua mel at
Sat Nov 28 06:56:39 UTC 2009

> After talking with Mel Chua and Ankur Sinha on the #Fedora-mktg channel last
> night, Ankur and I have decided to embark on a Marketing project[1] for either
> F13, or the F14 feature track. As a result, I've decided to actually join the
> Marketing team, so here is my formal self-introduction :)

Welcome, Ryan! I've approved your FAS group membership.

> *What do you want to talk about?
> Fedora, of course! I'm a member of the KDE SIG, so that's where my expertise
> in the distro lies, but pretty much anything related to the project, the
> distro or the people is open territory :)

Speaking of which, I think we could use some work on making it (even) 
easier for the various spins to market themselves... Chitlesh is very 
active at doing this for FEL, and KDE sounds like another logical group 
to spearhead a "More Resources For Spins To Do Their Own Cool Marketing 
Stuff!" charge if that's something the SIG might be interested in.

> [1]:

I'm very much looking forward to hearing more about this. Please keep us 
updated! (Are we going to get a "we've started this project!" intro 
email soon?)


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