Clearing out the FAS marketing group request queue

Mel Chua mel at
Sat Nov 28 07:42:42 UTC 2009

To make it easier to welcome new folks into Marketing, I'm cleaning out 
all old requests from the FAS marketing group request queue, as I 
haven't been able to find the introduction emails that are prerequisites 
for FAS group membership from any of the people on that list.

If you were on that list and are still interested in joining the 
Marketing team (which I hope you are!) instructions on how to do so are 
Note that you need an introduction email to the Marketing mailing list 
before you request FAS membership. (And if you're bringing a new person 
into Marketing, please help them walk through the join instructions on 
that page.)


PS: Right now, the marketing FAS group doesn't actually let you do 
anything, it just marks membership - but that (along with the Join 
process) is something we might want to discuss as a group during our F13 
strategic planning meeting. Which, I might add, is happening in 1.5 
weeks on 12/8 (usual meeting time).

Some other groups have things they do to help new folks get started (the 
mentoring program in Ambassadors, the way Infrastructure asks people to 
contribute for a while before they grant group membership, etc) that we 
may want to adopt. That's a separate topic I'll bring up at our next 
meeting, though.

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