Video: 5 Fun Things in Fedora 12

Mel Chua mel at
Mon Nov 30 19:57:25 UTC 2009

> Oh wow, I'm really glad I did this then - I think casual videos like
> this can be a really cool way for each of us to show off what we know,
> because I think everybody approaches Fedora a bit differently and
> discovers different things so we can learn a lot from each other.
> Sweet! :)

MEME TIME! (I use Istanbul)

> Here is the raw English transcript to translate:

So, ah...

0. It was great to see the one-page release notes get localized, and 
I've heard some requests to try to get the Marketing stuff more i18n'd
1. I'm trying to learn Spanish (and Chinese, for that matter, though 
it's harder for me to translate things into Chinese).
2. I figure this is as good a way as any to learn how to work with our 
translation workflow.

So, with a lot of help from Google Translate, I took 15 minutes and 

What should I do next? (Other than get someone to proofread/fix my Spanish.)

Thanks for the transcript, Mo - as someone who needs them, I really 
appreciate subtitles/captions/transcripts. I reckon I should look into 
getting and packaged sometime and 
going on a feedback/bug-reporting spree for both + similar projects.


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