Video: 5 Fun Things in Fedora 12

Máirín Duffy mairin at
Mon Nov 30 22:04:56 UTC 2009

wonderer wrote:
> Hy,
>> I just posted a 15 minute 'fun things in Fedora' video. 
> Great!
> I ask myself how long did it take overall to make it writting the
> transcript, recording the footage, pulling all together, etc.
> Because I had the idea "how about that some fedora people show the
> community how they work, what does their Desktop look like, what
> programms they use" in EXACTLY the way I saw in your video ;-)

It took around 12 hours, but it could have taken 6 or less if I didn't 
end up having so many problems encoding it and uploading it. Everything 
through editing the clips together and adding titles was very 
straightforward. But it was extremely painful and time-consuming to 
render them, and very difficult to upload them. (Even YouTube failed the 
first 3 tries. The first try because the video was over 10 minutes, so I 
had to split it and re-render it, then upload again.)

If we want to make a drive for this I think we need to get the bugs in 
the encoders fixed, and we should also decide on a proper place to host 
the videos (I will say YouTube's caption feature is great - I didn't 
have to set up time stamps at all and it's very close to being in-sync) 
and have some documentation for getting the uploaded and working with 
some troubleshooting information.

E.g. a nice step-by-step guide....


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