Zikula questions at this week's Marketing meeting

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Tue Sep 1 19:13:30 UTC 2009

Toshio had some questions about some of the module packages (context 
pasted below).

<abadger1999> mchua: So for the secondary package (pagemaster) -- I'm 
not happy approving it with the bundled filterutils
<abadger1999> mchua: I've been trying to catch itbegins on irc to ask 
him about when zikula2 will be out/whether we can upgrade to that in 
FI/EPEL or if it's incompatible, etc.
<abadger1999> mchua: There are cases where other packages had contained 
backports -- but to things from the Core language (python stdlib stuff 
is what I'm thinking) not to addons.
<abadger1999> mchua: Anyhow -- If someone else wanted to review and 
approve that module, we'd want to make sure that it used the zikula-2 
library i available and the backport if not... but I'm not sure how to 
do that in php.

Simon, in case you see this in the next 50 minutes - were you planning 
on coming to the Fedora Marketing meeting today? I'm going through the 
agenda now and it looks like FI should be most of it. (If not, no 
worries, I'll keep logistics up to date on zikula and marketing up to 
date on FI, and keep chasing these answers down.)


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