Save time on downloads with delta RPMs in Fedora 11

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Sun Sep 6 19:25:37 UTC 2009

Thanks again I use Presto almost all the time as I am sure most Fedora 11 
users do and it is good to know who is responsible for something we take for 

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Subject: Re: Save time on downloads with delta RPMs in Fedora 11

> On 09/06/2009 04:58 AM, Andrew Jamison wrote:
>> OpenSUSE created the deltarpm? I did not know that! Thanks for that
>> small but very important tidbit of information Paul!
> Novell developer Michael Schroeder wrote deltarpm long back. Jonathan
> Dieter, a Fedora Project volunteer was doing something similar with
> yum-presto (which itself had been earlier initiated by another
> developer) when I pointed out that Novell had done work on it with
> deltarpm and he adopted it for yum-presto.
> Seth Vidal, Luke Macken and others in Fedora infrastructure did the work
> to integrate delta rpm generation with Bodhi and createrepo. Novell did
> some work to unify the metadata for delta rpms
> That's more of the background story.
> Rahul
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