Fedora print magazine proposal from Linux Pro Magazine

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Mon Sep 7 14:50:58 UTC 2009

>> But now I'm curious about the other piece of private information, not
>> what the number is but the pricing of what exactly?

Two things:

1. The cost of an individual magazine - how much it will cost to buy a 
copy from a newsstand. Note that Fedora would also get a whole bunch of 
copies to give to Ambassadors / other Fedora community members, so you 
wouldn't necessarily have to shell out for it yourself.

2. The cost of producing the magazine - the fee LPM would get (from 
Fedora/Red Hat) for providing printing, distribution, editorial, design, 
layout, writing, coaching-on-all-of-the-above, etc. services.

Also, keep in mind that the decision right now isn't "print magazine 
with LPM for F12" or "no print magazine ever." It's "print magazine with 
LPM for F12" or "something else." Possible values for "something else" 
include deferring the decision (and the work) to F13, continuing to do 
our own thing, a whole bunch of other options not listed here, and 
combinations of all of the above.


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