A group/workflow for regularly poking the magazine contacts and writers.

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On Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 4:54 AM, Robyn Bergeron
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> A lot of "industry"-type magazines will have an editorial calendar
> that they make available, usually a year-ish in advance, via their
> websites.
> A lot of the trade mags dedicate certain months to certain
> topics, which are published on the calendar, so we'd want to look for
> things like "linux" (obviously) or more narrow topics (an issue on
> robotics could have a story on the use of linux in robotics, etc).

I pointed out one in my first mail

Even if there is not, we can work with the magazine contacts and know it.
It is a "mutual" thing, they need article to print, we need to promote
fedora. :)

> we have a list of magazines, we could divide it up a few ways and hunt
> down the appropriate info; if we don't have a list of magazines,
> someone could start putting one together.

We do (Thanks Rodrigo for pointing this):

We can add a "Topic Due" link to it.



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