Marketing research drafts (thanks, Robyn!)

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Mon Sep 14 20:04:53 UTC 2009

I'll be filling more in tonight. Maybe we can discuss for a few
minutes in the mktg meeting tomorrow, Mel?

I'll see if I can get my contact / details up somewhere.


On 9/14/09, Tareq Al Jurf <taljurf at> wrote:
> The amazing Robyn Bergeron strikes again - we have the beginnings of a
> Real Market Research Strategy. Woo! See
> for the good stuff,
> and help fill in the stubs if you can.
> In particular, we're looking for answers to
> Thanks, Robyn!
> So where will we post survey results,statistics, discussions...?And is the a
> way to contact Robyn, he has no profile page.
> We should move with this people
> it's a very important strategy to spread fedora
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> Tareq Al Jurf
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> Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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