Meeting notes 2009-09-15

Mel Chua mel at
Tue Sep 15 21:31:53 UTC 2009

They're up on


* Talking points sprint tomorrow night

* We've pretty much selected an F12 slogan! (Read the logs to find out 
which one, or wait for Mo's announcement of the final pick in 2 days.)

* Marketing research is kicking ass. FUDCon sounds like a good 
opportunity to do feedback-gathering from potential users.

* FI-infrastructure needs several critical blockers cleared this week; 
if you can make or review packages, we need your help. See

* FI content for the September 28 launch will start off with...
** Some material from Martin Duffy's "Fedora Fun Projects" rotation
** Some material adapted from Fedora Planet over the next two weeks - 
Jonathan Roberts will be watching Planet for these
** Hopefully something from FWN - Dale Bewley is checking out the zikula 
interface this week to see how this might work.
** Other ideas people might have?


PS: As a side note, I'm greatly looking forward to the FI infrastructure 
dust clearing so we can focus solely on content. After FI goes on 
staging (September 21) and the pace eases a bit and the dust clears, the 
infrastructure discussions about FI will move to the logistics list, and 
we'll be left with the content and marketing strategy on this list.

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