Slogan use

Mel Chua mel at
Wed Sep 16 15:29:35 UTC 2009

>> I am fine with this except we need that replacement, more general slogan
>> now for this to happen for F12.
> Yes, I agree with Paul about moving the changing slogan to the download
> page. Let's fix a deadline with something like one week from now for the
> general slogan.

I think the questions here are:

* For Mo: Do you/Design have the bandwidth to incorporate a new general 
slogan into the website designs for F12?
* Does somebody here want to step up to run a general slogan selection 
process? It will take at least a week (to give people enough time for 
comment), possibly longer if this is going to be The Generic Slogan Than 
Lasts For Multiple Releases.

If both these things are yes, then we can do it. If either one is no, 
then F13 it is.


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