Surveys Swags

Mel Chua mel at
Wed Sep 16 19:30:40 UTC 2009

> For surveys I prefer that we use digital swags such as wallpapers and
> screen savers. For example we create a new wallpaper every other day,
> once the user finishes the survey he gets his wallpaper. I don't know if
> we can do that with a program, but we will need the Fedora programmers
> to help us here.

If we need to do swag, digital swag is a great way to do it. The tricky 
part of this is that the Design team is currently overloaded with 
release work, so I'm not sure who would be able to make these extra 
wallpapers for us.

I think that if we're talking about new users, and we'll be getting them 
to fill out this survey in person, we could say "fill this out, and then 
we'll help you do something on <this list of cool things> (perhaps on your computer! 
And one of those could be installing a new desktop background from 
alternative release art (


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