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wonderer wonderer4711 at gmx.de
Wed Sep 16 21:25:20 UTC 2009

hello there,

I'm doing the fedora weekly news in german for quite a while, so I
thought it would be a good time to make a little "special" for all those
who better can follow such podcast in english.
It can be found at
http://blog.radiotux.de/2009/09/16/fedora-weekly-news-fwn-193/ and also
the RSS feed of radiotux itself.
What do you think about it so far? Are there interrests to have it in
german AND english (maybe we could think then about putting it into
zikula, iTunes, etc. - just some thought crawling around my brain)
Hopefully you enjoy this little "experiment" and maybe somebody else
have some fun making such podcasts and step in.

Also I'm searching for Interview partners (Developers, Contributors,
etc.) who want to say something and have to tell the world outside
fedora whats on the minds of the Fedora people around the world.

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
Henrik Heigl - wonderer at fedoraproject.org

PGP/GnuPG: 8237 D432 0616 D567 DBC6  3FE3 0D52 B374 F468 A5F0

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