zikula fwn experimentation

Dale Bewley dlbewley at lib.ucdavis.edu
Thu Sep 17 00:50:55 UTC 2009

I've been experimenting with Zikula as it would/could/will relate to

Things seem labor intensive so far. Some frustration may be my ignorance
or just incomplete configuration/customization of the application. 

It would be pretty inconvenient to lose the mediawiki templates such as
{{bz}}, {{package}}, {{filename}}, etc. I would really hope for some
sort of similar macro system in the CMS. It also would be unfortunate to
lose the ability to quickly and intuitively link to things like
[[Releases/12]] or [[User:Dale]] or etc.

= Beats -> Categories ? = 
The Beats concept could possibly be mapped to the Category concept.

To create a category, you must non-intuitively click:
Administration -> System -> Modules -> News -> Create Article -> "the
little pen next to category drop down". 

Don't use:
Administration -> Content -> Categories
as those don't appear in the list when you create a news item.

When creating a news item you can only select one category. I could
imagine a scenerio where you might want to pick 'Virtualization' and

Do tags make more sense? But who wants to manually type error prone

= FWN Issue =
I played around and made a little mini FWN 101 just to ponder how it 
could be done. Pretty klunky so far... 


I'm not sure what should go into it exactly. It would be nice if it
could transclude other posts. Maybe even based of a tag/category set by
beat writers on their weekly summaries.

Would a top level category like Beats make it easier to create a FWN? 

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