zikula fwn experimentation

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Thu Sep 17 03:24:43 UTC 2009

Wow. Thanks, Dale - for both this and your earlier detailed explanations 
on how FWN on FI might work - let me see if I understand the things we'd 
need to do to make this work - how accurate is the following?

== Benefits ==

* if we get wysiwyg working, it will be easier to make an article on 
zikula than on the wiki.
* readers can comment on FWN issues
* the submission/review/publication workflow will likely be easier to 
manage once we work it out

== Things we need to implement to make this work ==

* implement wysiwyg
* implement a way for zikula to use a similar sort of macro system as 
our current mediawiki templates such as {{bz}}, {{package}}, 
{{filename}}, etc
* implement a way for zikula to quickly and intuitively link to things 
like [[Releases/12]] or [[User:Dale]] or etc
* come up with a way to make news items taggable under multiple 
categories from a preselected list (in zikulaspeak, this would probably 
be "enable selecting multiple categories for the same item" or "be 
constrained to choosing a preselected list of tags").

> http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/zikula/index.php/News/2009/9/17/Fedora-Weekly-News-101/
> I'm not sure what should go into it exactly. It would be nice if it
> could transclude other posts. Maybe even based of a tag/category set by
> beat writers on their weekly summaries.
> Would a top level category like Beats make it easier to create a FWN?

Throwing a random edge-case idea out here: What would happen if "FWN" 
became a tag that meant "this is a weekly summary," and you could select 
what combination of tags you'd like your FI view (or feed) to exhibit?

Then beats would be tagged with both "FWN" and the tag that is their 
beat name (QA/Marketing/Planet/etc). The FWN summary would have its own 
special beat tag ("From-the-FWN-editor's-Desk") and would either 
transclude or link to all the other "FWN" posts made in the last 7 days.

(This may not work or be realistically possible to do with zikula; I'm 
trying to throw a concrete strawman out so it can be ripped apart. ;)


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