FI editor resources [Was: Re: Fedora Insight schedule slip: new launch date 10/14]

Mel Chua mel at
Wed Sep 30 06:45:15 UTC 2009

On 09/29/2009 02:43 PM, Paul wrote:
> Hi,
>> Anyone keen on being the temporary FI editor (obtain material and
>> publish it at what you reckon is a good pace - the workflow Robyn came
>> up with is wonderfully simple) until, say, FUDCon when we can figure out
>> a more stable scheduling/distribution of responsibilities?
> I'll do that :-) Let me know what has to be done and done it shall be!

Paul, you *rock.* Thanks for taking this on - it's great to have someone 
with editorial-fu kicking off FI content.

Things I can think of...

1. Make an account on the publictest system so you can play with zikula 
a bit, if you haven't done so already. (Probably 
a 15-20 min thing at most - just sort of getting a general feel for what 
zikula does.)

2. Start looking at the material coming down the pipeline and carry the 
big stick of deadline-ness when you think it's appropriate. ;) I think 
you know better than I about what to do here...

Sources I know about so far:

* FWN, of course; that's taken care of by the News folks, so no worries 
* JonRob's thread about Planet content - 
- generally, watching for and repurposing good Planet posts is probably 
the easiest way of getting good material to start with. This idea goes 
way back to the first bunch of notes about FI 
* is being done by 
Martin, but I'm not sure what he's writing exactly or when things will 
be done by
* is an idea that 
nobody picked up on yet
* any F12 deliverables we've done / will do, like talking points and 
feature profiles
* the folks at might be 
interested in doing the same thing for FI (like this Paul F. Johnson 
fellow who was kind enough to offer to edit...)
* ...and then whatever else you can think of and drum up that would 
balance things out more - comics, pictures, interviews, designs, 
screencasts? I defer to your editorial mojo.

3. We need content running for 8 weeks - from October 14 (FI launch day) 
through December 8 (end of FUDCon, after which we should have a 
longer-term notion of how this will work out). So however you want to 
set up the editing/approval/publish/etc workflow is cool, just document 
it somewhere and shout to the list when it's up. As to where to keep 
stuff before the production instance of FI goes live... anywhere you 
want, although I believe if you put things into a zikula instance (like 
the one on publictest) we can just import the database once the 
production instance is up, so you can hop to the new site and keep on 
working with nary a hiccup.

That's all I can think of... I think you have everything now. Is there 
anything else you need?

I'm probably missing some bits here (folks, chime in if you can think of 
anything), so if you want to hang out on IRC while you start working 
through this, or toss questions back and forth either on this list or in 
#fedora-mktg, just holler.

Thanks again!


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