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Here are the dates The
beta freeze releases a day after beta release on 14th April.

- Hiemanshu Sharma.

On 2 April 2010 11:16, Mel Chua <mel at> wrote:

> Here's the longer email with context on the launch of the Zikula-based
> Fedora Insight project, what's happening with it, and how you can help.
> I'm trying to clean this up enough to send to the Zikula folks at
>, but need help
> with the following details:
> * When are the relevant Infrastructure freeze dates we're trying to hit?
> (I can't find these quickly on the wiki.)
> * Have I described the tasks and calls-to-action for the Zikula
> community with actual accuracy? I'm guessing a bit from the limited
> recent context I have on what type of help we specifically need.
> Thanks, folks.
> --Mel
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> Full minutes are at
> ,
> and full logs are at
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> == What is Fedora Insight? ==
> "Fedora Insight (FI) is a website that serves as a place to publish and
> share news, articles related to Fedora and Fedora marketing materials in
> various formats. It makes it easy for users, developers, and journalists
> - people who aren't yet a part of the Fedora contributor community - to
> keep up with the goings on of the community without following a dozen
> different blogs and mailing lists."
> == How does Zikula fit in? ==
> FI is entirely based on Zikula and Zikula modules, with a custom theme
> and a custom authentication module that allows Fedora contributors to
> use their Fedora Account System (FAS) username and password to log in.
> == What milestones are we targeting? ==
> The Fedora Linux distribution has over 22 million users and several tens
> of thousands of contributors, and we are aiming to launch this site in
> conjunction with marketing for our 13th release at the start of May,
> meaning we'll have to hit Infrastructure freeze dates for staging
> (pre-production) and production much earlier than this. (TODO: Need
> freeze dates.)
> == Where is this conversation happening? ==
> Within Fedora, we communicate about FI-the-project (how we are doing in
> terms of getting it up and running, etc.) on the Logistics mailing list
> ( which is
> used for cross-team communication in Fedora. We also have weekly
> meetings on IRC, on in #fedora-mktg on Thursdays at 2pm
> US Eastern time (18:00 GMT).
> == What next-actions do we need help with? ==
> * <-- We need
> to create forms for a pagemaster-based content workflow. This is not a
> huge technical challenge, but if anyone from Zikula has best-practices
> for pagemaser-based content workflow they'd like to share, this is the
> place to do it. Stories? Help? Ideas? Our current workflow is described
> in
> * <-- We're
> having some trouble getting pagemaster-based article weighting to work.
> Any help here would be awesome.
> * <-- More
> pagemaster. We're trying to find a better way of wrangling pubtypes. We
> think we have a workaround, but aren't sure if it (1) would actually
> work, or (2) is really a good idea. Thoughts?
> * The database currently used in the testing instance needs to be
> migrated to staging at some point. Not a huge deal; someone with access
> just has to do it when we're ready.
> * <-- The theme needs to
> be completed and packaged; finding some old postnuke docs helped, but
> it's still been a long and slow journey through finding the appropriate
> syntax for pulling out certain pieces of information. More resources for
> this would be helpful - once the theme is finished we can push it to
> staging (
> Are there any Zikula theme gurus in the house that might be able to hang
> out during a sprint and lend a hand with any questions that come up?
> (We're not sure what they'd be yet.)
> * <-- We need
> to set up RSS feeds for the different categories/types-of-content coming
> out, and to work these feeds into the theming of the site. Once it's
> complete, the RSS functionality needs to be tested. Folks with
> experience with RSS feeds in Zikula who can come in and take a look and
> tell us if we're Doing It Right would be extremely helpful.
> * <-- FASauth is a
> custom module written for Fedora by Simon Birtwistle that allows Fedora
> contributors to use their Fedora Account System (FAS) username and
> password to log in. We think it works; it needs testing. We also need to
> locate and separate all the pieces of changeable configuration in
> FASauth so that the module is a clean upstream (and can potentially be
> reused by other people), and so that we can back up our custom
> configuration for this specific site.
> That's it for now - we'll try to keep these weekly updates coming to the
> lists after the weekly meetings. Questions, comments, thoughts? Please ask!
> --Mel
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