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Also - there is some redundancy between this page and
>> - which one are we going to
>> go with? Or do we want to do a [[Press_kit]] page and then have a
>> template for each release, as we're doing with other deliverables?
>> -robyn
> As I see the press kit [0] is a general overview of the presskit where
> the f13 press kit[1] looks more like a working bench.
+1 from me.
> I think that having some modules may be helpful for F13. We should
> focus in built modules that can have life on its own. If not all of
> them are finished, at least we have something.
+1 from me.
> I keep wondering if the "One Page Release Notes" should be included as
> part of the press kit. It was a wonderful document and the
> localizations where well received.
The press kit is something for the journalists and press people and also
sometimes for Organiszers from events if they want something for
background info and their own press-people to work on, etc.
Therefore I think the Onepager is a good thing to add here.

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