Activities in KSA

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Tue Apr 6 08:12:16 UTC 2010

Agreed wrt legal stuff but that is Syria and Iran mainly. KSA, UAE, Jordan 
should be no problem. First step is to focus on practical issues - 
localization. In parallel reach out to interested people/universities - 
maybe a POSSE in KSA or Dubai?

Just brainstorming, though.


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Hi Jan,

I totally agree with you, but ...
1.) there were some barriers (legal and embargos) from E to MEA,
2.) the first step must be from the MEA region as well

or should be bring something into the dust? because of not knowing
infrastructure fo a county, people who needs AND want our help is very
maybe a "You're interested in ..." - page could help to find the correct
"first contact".

All the best


> All,
> I am right now in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in my role Red Hats Evangelist. It
> seems there is virtually no Fedora community here.
> Am I missing something or do we need to change that? There definitely is a
> lot of interest and some enthusiasm to build upon.  Simple stuff like
> better
> localization, more comples stuff like having usergroups.
> So do we know of any work in the MEA area? Should we start focusing a bit
> more on this area?
> Jan
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