Call for help/ideas: Beta announcement, briefing Ambassadors

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Tue Apr 6 12:49:44 UTC 2010

On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 06:50:14PM -0700, Ryan Rix wrote:
>    On Wed 31 March 2010 12:33:17 am Ryan Rix wrote:
>    > On Tue 30 March 2010 9:13:00 pm Mel Chua wrote:
>    > > We need someone to work with Docs (likely tomorrow night?) to write the�
>    > > Beta announcement - any volunteers? Support and a howto can be�
>    > > provided[0]. ;)
>    >
>    > I've got this; tomorrow though.
>    Thanks to awesomepaul's reminder, here's text for the Beta release
>    announcement, cues taken from F12's Beta announcement and F13's Alpha
>    announcement; feel free to tear it/me apart :)

I pasted this to
where the teams can collaborate on this.  It's a good start -- needs
to have the features from the Alpha notes pasted in though, and
probably beefed up with other things that appear in the forthcoming
"real" release notes:
  (This is a site where we're posting regular refreshes of content so
  it should be pretty much up to date.)

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