No meeting today - see message for deliverables to watch, but we're looking good for Beta readiness on Thursday.

Mel Chua mel at
Tue Apr 6 20:01:16 UTC 2010

The following log really says it all.


19:43 < mchua> Really, the only thing we have to cover today is "are we 
ready for the readiness meeting?"
19:44 < mchua> The four things I have to watch for are beta 
announcement, one page release notes, briefing ambassadors, feature 
19:44 < mchua> I have been a slacker at following up with ke4qqq's notes 
on briefing ambassadors
19:44 < mchua> and one-page release notes are going to be sprinted on - 
this Thursday night, it seems - at Allegheny, so we *may* actually
                get it 80% done then.
19:45 < rbergeron> yeah, i didn't mail ambassadors list - i know ke4qqq 
mailed famsco, and i don't think there were any responses there.
19:46 < mchua> Feature profiles clearly need to be started earlier next 
cycle, for scheduling of interviews (I'm having a devil of a time
                scheduling with mine.)
19:46 < mchua> ...actually, I don't know if there's anything else I'd 
even *say* at the meeting, other than the updates on the 4
                deliverables I just mentioned.
19:47 < rbergeron> yeah
19:47 < mchua> I think we're ready for Beta; I think we have a lot of 
work to do on deliverables, I think we're moving steadily towards
                them, and need to hustle, but are in generally decent 
shape and shouldn't panic.
19:49 < rbergeron> mchua - if the allegheny guys mail you back - can you 
have them send out a meeting reminder or something
19:50 < rbergeron> or notice
19:50  * rbergeron is already forgetting what day it is
19:50 < mchua> ...I actually wonder if I should just send that to the 
list, and then say I'll be on IRC as best I can over the next hour
                (aside from the 5m I actually have to stand in line at 
Enterprise) in case anyone wants to talk?
19:50 < rbergeron> sure

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