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Hy there,

Am 07.04.2010 03:21, schrieb Nelson Marques:
> Hi all,
>  Fur future reference if this suits anyone:
Sounds like a good reseach. But maybe you can add some general meanings
to the colors that will maybe more effective for choosing colors for
specific tasks. For example the color red as seen at has a warning symolism. So if someones
want to draw a special attention red would be a good first choice.
Also the Artwork guys and girls (see ) are aware of the meanings and
have allready have that in mind if they produce Icons and graphics.
There are also some rulings (lets say Designguide) how the fedoraproject
uses colors.
>  As a personal note, I would like to clarify that is how Marketing /
> Advertising professionals sometimes use colours. It's widely accepted in
> the Western Civilization at least. For other regions, the meanings might
> be shared, but further research should be accomplished.
>  Link #1:
>  Link #2:
>  I've lefted two links, since the first one has a more scarlet red (but
> lower definition) which resembles best with the add itself.
Yeah, thats the same idea behind as with the Sony Bravia adds.

Maybe you want to add some of those and other videos to your research, too?!

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