Letter concerning photographs

Paul W. Frields stickster at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 13:57:47 UTC 2010

Marketing team -- here's the letter we could send to students and
ambassadors for help with the one-page release notes.  Please review
and comment.  If we need to make a lot of edits, no problem -- I'll
move this to the wiki and we can work on it there.


* * *


The Fedora Marketing team is once again working on a "One-Page Release
Notes" to promote the next Fedora release, Fedora 13 "Goddard."  We
produced a version of this document for the Fedora 12 release for
which feedback was positive.

It's an attractive document that shows off the fun and excitement of
being involved in the Fedora community, and it also highlights some of
the changes in the release.  The Fedora 12 version can be found here
on the wiki, and several translations and alternate formats are also
linked there:


We would like to refresh the content with brand-new photographs from
our communities around the world.  Here is our plan:

* The Marketing and Docs teams will create some placeholder content on
  the new page for Fedora 13, found here:


* The placeholders will include narrative and links for important
  features from the Fedora 13 talking points and elsewhere in the
  Fedora 13 release notes that can be easily illustrated by
  photographs and screenshots.

* All photographs *must* be licensed either Creative Commons
  Attribution, or Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY or CC-BY-SA).  We
  cannot use photographs without proper licensing, or with CC
  NonCommercial or NoDerivatives (NC, ND) type licensing.

* Anyone who wants to submit a photograph can post it to Flickr, or
  their FedoraPeople.org space.  If you need help setting up to use
  your Fedorapeople.org space, refer to this wiki page:


* DON'T upload the photo straight to the wiki (for now).  We'll want
  confirm the licensing, and crop and edit photos before uploading
  them, to save space and time.

* Screenshots are also useful!  Make sure you are using the complete
  default theme for Fedora 13 without customizations.  A good way to
  ensure this is to use a *fresh user account* to generate
  screenshots, so you're using default settings.

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