Btrfs feature profile

Hannah Kowen kowenh at
Thu Apr 8 18:10:44 UTC 2010

Dear Chris and Josef,
My name is Hannah Kowen and I am a student at Allegheny College
working with the Fedora 13 release. I am interested in working on the
Btrfs feature profile.

David- I saw that you started to work on the Btrfs feature profile,
and if there is anything specific you'd like me to start working on,
please let me know.

 Regarding the interview:
 * Can be done by IRC, email, video conference, voice. Feel free to
choose the method that better suits you.
 * The interview wouldn't be that long, just long enough for me to get
a feel of how Btrfs works (and for someone without very much technical
Thank you for your time.Hannah Kowen
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