Marketing flyer updated in English

Max Spevack mspevack at
Thu Apr 8 18:14:27 UTC 2010

In preparation for Texas Linux Fest, I made a few minor updates to the 
Marketing flyer, which was (as I understand it) started by Pierros for 
our Greek Ambassadors, and is a great piece of work.

I'd give the current grade of this flyer a B.  Why not an A?  Because I 
think it could use something more than the cursory review that I gave it 
to ensure that it's more on-message, and maybe the once-over from the 
design team as well.

I understand the value of a generally-release-independent flyer, 
especially if we take the time to design it nicely and we want to use it 
for a year or two without making huge changes.

Anyway, I think the current version will serve our needs for TLF.  I 
just wonder what we'd like this to look like a month from now when F13 


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