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Thu Apr 8 18:53:21 UTC 2010

On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 11:14 AM, Max Spevack <mspevack at> wrote:
> In preparation for Texas Linux Fest, I made a few minor updates to the
> Marketing flyer, which was (as I understand it) started by Pierros for
> our Greek Ambassadors, and is a great piece of work.
> I'd give the current grade of this flyer a B.  Why not an A?  Because I
> think it could use something more than the cursory review that I gave it
> to ensure that it's more on-message, and maybe the once-over from the
> design team as well.
> I understand the value of a generally-release-independent flyer,
> especially if we take the time to design it nicely and we want to use it
> for a year or two without making huge changes.
> Anyway, I think the current version will serve our needs for TLF.  I
> just wonder what we'd like this to look like a month from now when F13
> lands.

Soooo - I just discovered the existence of this flyer on joining
ambassadors-list a few weeks ago, and it's been on my to-do list of
things to do but that list is getting kind of hairy lately. :)

I did talk to inode0 the other day and he pointed me in the direction
of another more updated version of the flyer as well -

That one at least has a current desktop, and fixed links.  It could
benefit from some basic things like at least updating the font to be
correct, etc.  I can do that... this afternoonish?  When are you
sending off the flyers to be printed for TLF?

I think this is something that could definitely be added to the
release schedule as one of the items we should be producing for
ambassadors.  (And there may be more things here - hoping to have
"what can marketing do for ambassadors?" on the agenda at FAD NA.)

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