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David Nalley david.nalley at
Thu Apr 8 18:59:49 UTC 2010

On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 1:40 PM, Hannah Kowen <kowenh at> wrote:
> Dear Chris and Josef,
> My name is Hannah Kowen and I am a student at Allegheny College working with
> the Fedora 13 release. I am interested in working on the Btrfs feature
> profile.
> David- I saw that you started to work on the Btrfs feature profile,  and if
> there is anything specific you'd like me to start working on, please let me
> know.
>  Regarding the interview:
>  * Can be done by IRC, email, video conference, voice. Feel free to choose
> the method that better suits you.
>  * The interview wouldn't be that long, just long enough for me to get a
> feel of how Btrfs works (and for someone without very much technical
> expertise.)
> Thank you for your time.
> Hannah Kowen
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Hi Hannah:

Nice to see you jumping in.

Here are my thoughts on the matter - though it sounds like you'll be
doing the work, so feel free to ignore me. (Those doing the work get
to make the decisions :) )

I personally would like to see an audio interview of Chris or Josef
and have him explain what btrfs is, and specifically what this feature
means. Sadly, I am a poor person to do this as I have a decent
understanding of btrfs, and having managed large network storage,
snapshots aren't foreign to me either. That means I am probably a poor
choice for eliciting the information that a non-technical end user
would need to know to understand this feature, and how it benefits
them. That of course makes it IDEAL for you.
Once you have the audio interview, I'd like to see if we can get it
transcribed to text as well.

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