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 Without being disruptive:

 "The One-Page Release Notes are enhanced by having a collection of
pleasant photos of people happily using Fedora. For instance, these
photos might include people showing off fedora t-shirts, stickers and

 One-Page Release Notes and photos displaying people? Be mindful of
"Release Notes". My suggestion would be something for this as in what is
usually known about "elevator speech", and contemplate the following:

 * What is our product/server, in other words, what is Fedora
 * Who is behind it, in other words, Fedora
 * Competitive advantages, heavily masked in order to provide: "Why

 In practical meanings we should provide:
 * A hook - Get people's attention to our message
 * Establish a pitch, 150-200 words (short objective speech, non tech
language. Even our grandmothers should be able to get the message).
 * Passion/Emotion - We should pass/trigger some positive energy to our
 * A request - people should get the feeling that they are being
requested something: "use fedora?", "join Fedora" ?

 I would suppose this is something probably different from "One Page
Release Notes", but it most likely is something that should be available
in one short document, and most useful for Ambassadors, as it should be
a small flyer (other benefits could be used, such as media covers, etc)
using this sort of "elevator speech".

 For Release Notes, i don't see the relevance of community fotos, as the
term "Release Notes" might be misleading, to me it sounds misleading.

 Just some ideas, no right or wrong... just some thoughts. Do we have
somewhere information about the goals and audience targets for such

 For the Ambassadors, could you provide information based on your
personal local experiences with your audiences on how you would like to
have something like "elevator speech" to work for you? If so, feel free
to share, I make myself available to develop this, with just one request
(as many know, I'm not an artist), the possibility of an  artist (or
more volunteers) to gather on IRC for 30 mins to discuss this with me
and ambassadors, to gather material to build a small flyer with me (I'll
handle contents, text and marketing related stuff, leaving the artwork
at artists choice). The goal build a small 1 page (2 pages most for
front and back) that suits the Ambassadors operational needs on the
field as a "evangelization" tool. 

 From my own experience, I would recon that a good slogan/elevator
speech should be strong basis for Ambassadors work and bring new people
to Fedora.



On Tue, 2010-04-06 at 23:11 -0600, Neville A. Cross wrote:
> Hello,
> At today's meeting we talked about briefing ambassadors.
> I made a draft and pasted it on the wiki
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_Ambassadors_briefing#Draft_for_email_briefing_ambassadors
> Ready for feed back and to agree on when we should mail this.
> Best regards
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