Gerold (EMEA) and other Ambassadors - Elevator speech/pitch

Nelson Marques 07721 at
Thu Apr 8 20:50:43 UTC 2010

 Dear Ambassadors,

 For reference:
 If you believe that Ambassadors could use a small flyer (front/back
pages, 1 sheet, unknown format, maybe A4 foldable in 2 or 3?) for mass
deployment on field in events with a short objective message ("elevator

 I'm making myself available to develop such for you if you can provide
some feedback based on your experiences with your local audiences. If
the Ambassadors want to set a meeting in IRC for discussing this and how
it could help you, please feel free to use this thread for such.

 I'm also leaving a word (since I'm not an artist) to any artist reading
this that wants to volunteer for such project, will be most welcome.
Together (Marketing, Art Designers and Ambassadors) we can probably
develop a flyer directed for general audiences for this purpose.

 Personal Note: This shouldn't be confused neither compared to one page
release notes, as I believe we're trying to get different goals and
using different methods. 


Nelson Marques
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