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Neville A. Cross nacross at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 20:09:14 UTC 2010

On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 2:39 PM, Nelson Marques <07721 at ipam.pt> wrote:
> Neville,
>  Without being disruptive:
>  "The One-Page Release Notes are enhanced by having a collection of
> pleasant photos of people happily using Fedora. For instance, these
> photos might include people showing off fedora t-shirts, stickers and
> pins."
>  One-Page Release Notes and photos displaying people? Be mindful of
> "Release Notes". My suggestion would be something for this as in what is
> usually known about "elevator speech", and contemplate the following:
>  * What is our product/server, in other words, what is Fedora
>  * Who is behind it, in other words, Fedora
>  * Competitive advantages, heavily masked in order to provide: "Why
> Fedora".
>  In practical meanings we should provide:
>  * A hook - Get people's attention to our message
>  * Establish a pitch, 150-200 words (short objective speech, non tech
> language. Even our grandmothers should be able to get the message).
>  * Passion/Emotion - We should pass/trigger some positive energy to our
> audience
>  * A request - people should get the feeling that they are being
> requested something: "use fedora?", "join Fedora" ?
>  I would suppose this is something probably different from "One Page
> Release Notes", but it most likely is something that should be available
> in one short document, and most useful for Ambassadors, as it should be
> a small flyer (other benefits could be used, such as media covers, etc)
> using this sort of "elevator speech".
>  For Release Notes, i don't see the relevance of community fotos, as the
> term "Release Notes" might be misleading, to me it sounds misleading.
>  Just some ideas, no right or wrong... just some thoughts. Do we have
> somewhere information about the goals and audience targets for such
> documentation?
>  For the Ambassadors, could you provide information based on your
> personal local experiences with your audiences on how you would like to
> have something like "elevator speech" to work for you? If so, feel free
> to share, I make myself available to develop this, with just one request
> (as many know, I'm not an artist), the possibility of an  artist (or
> more volunteers) to gather on IRC for 30 mins to discuss this with me
> and ambassadors, to gather material to build a small flyer with me (I'll
> handle contents, text and marketing related stuff, leaving the artwork
> at artists choice). The goal build a small 1 page (2 pages most for
> front and back) that suits the Ambassadors operational needs on the
> field as a "evangelization" tool.
>  From my own experience, I would recon that a good slogan/elevator
> speech should be strong basis for Ambassadors work and bring new people
> to Fedora.
>  nelson.

I have to admit that I was candid requesting pictures. The idea, as I
interpreted, was to get plenty on photos from where people that do
magic, as the design team, can chose the more appropriated.   I guess
that having plenty of material to chose from is a good thing. As
Fedora is a community, giving the opportunity to collaborators to be
on stage is a recognition of their voluntary work. When Tatica choose
my picture to decorate the Spanish one-page release note I felt great.

As for elevator speech, is a really difficult question. When I first
came to fedora I was looking to promote Fedora use. Then I realized
that was a misconception from my part. Fedora looks for contributors.
I need a tool that enable me to show others that contribute with
Fedora is cool, fun, rewarding and useful. I have to be example of
that attitude and I need to have picture of people proud of wear
"blue". To me the big question is: How do we bring collaborators and
keep their enthusiasm working for Fedora as volunteers?

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