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wonderer wonderer4711 at gmx.de
Sat Apr 10 18:58:14 UTC 2010

Hy there,

@Nick: You facing a problem that we talked some days ago also: How to
manage video distribution for the large crowd out there?! As you can
imagine we not only have ONE actual video of e.g. Fedora12 its more like
having also updated versions of F12, features on special programs, etc.
So, if you want to distribute them over the web for as many people as
you want you also have to promote them. Therefore it is wise to choose a
good platform, but not as important as to tell the people where to find
them (Blogposts, wiki, Websites, Links, articles, etc.).
Another thing would be if you want to distribute a video to as many
people as you want you must put it in as many platforms at the same
time. So you do not have to handle only one account you have to handle
many accounts (also you have to look the user restrictions of have
multiple users to one user account...)... It is not an easy job, I know.
I also think of the other way: YouTube is so big that our videos will
not be much recogniced. When a normal User came to youtube and search
for "fedora" (even if our statement is or should be "Fedoraproject")
there are also videos about "the hat" and sometimes for new people it
can be confusing. On Dailymotion The first hits was about some boxing.
Only at archive.org there where videos back to Fedora Core 4. But thats
only one of many thoughts we have to think over if to make a decision in
that way if we want.

I think more important is the way the platform (if we are not have a
platform for such media as video, audio, photos of ourself) handles the
license we gave and youtube clearly violates so much user restrictions
and loss of freedom that youtube not would be my kind of choice. I would
more go for archive.org and miro. Also because its as far as I know
based on OpenSource and as said before we should use / maintain
Opensource and Opensource based plattforms / standards as much as we
can. And we definitely can ! :-)

But I clearly would NOT propose Youtube as our first choice of
distributing videos.

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
Henrik Heigl - wonderer at fedoraproject.org

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Am 10.04.2010 16:17, schrieb Nelson Marques:
> As long as the website offers good connectivity worldwide should be ok.
> Youtube should be nice since it has akamai behind also.
> The importance of prime channels of distribution should be a concern,
> and Youtube provides the necessary points for it, either from the
> audience point of view or distribution.
> +1.
> nm
> On Fri, 2010-04-09 at 16:23 -0400, Nicholas Ozorak wrote:
>> Dear Anyone with an interest in video distribution,
>> My name is Nick Ozorak, and I am one of the students from Allegheny
>> College who has just come in to help with the Fedora Project.  My
>> particular field of expertise is in video creation and distribution,
>> as I already have my own video-web series.  I'm one of five students
>> who's looking into the issue of how videos about Fedora can be
>> distributed online.
>> I saw in the archives that there was recently a discussion about
>> Fedora and where videos showcasing the project should be hosted.
>> Internet Archive was mentioned, as well as Dailymotion.  Based off of
>> my experience, both of these websites are decent places to host video,
>> but they don't receive as much traffic as the granddaddy of them all -
>> YouTube.  As a consumer, when I am looking for videos regarding
>> technological developments, YouTube is where I go first.
>> I am aware that some people are uncomfortable with relying on YouTube
>> and Flash, but there may be a solution to satisfy everyone.  One idea
>> that I have come up with is:
>> * Set up official Fedora Project accounts on websites like Internet
>> Archive and Dailymotion.
>> * Create videos on these accounts to establish them as being
>> officially part of the Fedora Project (welcome videos, tutorials,
>> features of Fedora, etc).
>> * Designate people to be official Fedora Project Video Account Managers.
>> * Allow other video creators and content developers to showcase their
>> Fedora-related work on the official channel(s) by sending their video
>> to the Account Master(s) for consideration.  If accepted, these videos
>> would be added to the official channel.
>> * Open a YouTube account, and ask people if they are comfortable with
>> having their work(s) displayed on YouTube and/or other Flash-based
>> websites.
>> I'd be more than happy to discuss this idea in an IRC chat with those
>> who are interested.  I would also be curious to find out what results
>> previous discussions about this issue have yielded and get a sense of
>> what people's opinions are.
>> I will also add that I had never heard of Fedora before one of my
>> professors started discussing it in class.  Once Mel Chua came to
>> speak with our class and explain how this open-source community
>> worked, I began to understand.  Having videos that explain the goals
>> of the Fedora Project to those who have heard little to nothing about
>> the project would be extremely beneficial with regards to outreach.
>> Thanks for reading, and good luck with preparing for the big release!
>> Nick

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