Fedora and Video Sharing

threethirty three at threethirty.us
Sun Apr 11 18:56:04 UTC 2010

On Sun, 2010-04-11 at 16:39 +0100, Nelson Marques wrote:
> On Sun, 2010-04-11 at 10:53 -0400, threethirty wrote:
> > On Sat, 2010-04-10 at 11:55 -0400, Jan Wildeboer wrote:
> > > Kaltura.com is a good alternative. The rule *should* be to use open 
> > > standards whenever possible and convert content to non-free if needed.
> > never heard of it, will check it out
> > > 
> > > - make content *always* available in open standards.
> > > - use youtube etc for distribution when alternatives suck, but *always* 
> > > point the viewer to the open standard alternatives (in the description field 
> > > etc)
> > > 
> > This is what I was thinking but I think we need to get archive.org up
> > and running first so it can be be our main repo
> Though I'm not very fond of php in favour of cgi/perl/c, do you think
> this would be helpfull ?
> http://www.phpmotion.com/
We have/had already discussed hosting it all ourselves (my favorite
idea) but that would take a lot of resources that we aren't sure we can
get or would be worth getting.

Don't get me wrong all of our videos are great and so are the people
that make them but at this would take a lot of bandwidth and a lot of
space (believe me I know I have an HTML5 video page that hosts Theora

With Mozilla, Google, and Opera all supporting HTML with Theora we can
dump the vids on Archive.org (henceforth a.o I'm tried to typing the
whole thing out)  we can have both (software) Freedom and cool embedded

Agree that Youtube is a juggernaut and we can't leave them out but they
should be in the second phase of this.  Let's stop bickering and get to
work on a.o and then we can bring this all back up when the time draws

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