One page release notes sprint?

Mel Chua mel at
Mon Apr 12 13:09:19 UTC 2010

Hi - you're getting this email because you're either (1) on the 
Marketing list, (2) listed on as 
working on one-page release notes, or (3) a professor for the class.

The release is coming up soon, and we'd like to get the one page release 
notes done in first-draft form ASAP. We'd like to schedule one or more 
sprints in order to do this; sprints are when we get together online and 
plunge into Making Something together. In this case, I think etherpad 
(via makes sense as a collaboration medium.

Fill in your schedule availability on (it 
literally takes 45 seconds; I timed myself) and see the results at I'm watching results and 
will shout out sprint times *I'll* be online for to the list (my minimum 
criteria: myself + one other non-Allegheny Fedora community member + one 
Allegheny student in attendance) - others are free to propose their own 
(in other words, you can totally sprint without me. ;)

The way I see this working is that the Allegheny students will largely 
be writing the one page release notes deliverable, and the non-Allegheny 
Fedora folks will be answering questions and throwing notes on *how* to 
make one page release notes into for later 
cleanup by the Alleghenians - but there'll probably be plenty of 
crossover between the two.


PS: Future emails about this will go only to the Marketing list, so if 
you're not on the list already, please join; the page to do so is at, and you can 
ask your professors in class tomorrow if you need help doing that.

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