Interview with Dan Williams

Nelson Marques 07721 at
Tue Apr 13 15:54:12 UTC 2010


 I've mailed now my interview to Dan Williams. Once I get the reply I'll
be needing 24 hours most to write the article.

 Regarding to this, something else came into my mind. Would it be
welcome if we prepared a new category on our wiki to group all this
interviews being done?
 Something in the scope of "Meet fedora contributors" > pointer.

 At some point gathering all interviews in single webpages indexed by
the people who gave the interview and possibily establishing a timeline
based on the release ?

 Other thing, I've swapped the orientation of the interview I've sent to
Dan in order to get a more human approach and provide a different kind
of content (will try to promote actually people joining to Fedora as

 I'll be giving new soons, hopefully by the end of the week this should
be accomplished. I'm also considering sending a small interview to
people behind KNetworkManager as it's also important. Most likely also
covering nm-applet.


Nelson Marques
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