Fedora Marketing weekly meeting, Tuesday 20:00UTC #fedora-meeting-1

Nelson Marques 07721 at ipam.pt
Tue Apr 13 16:29:46 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-04-12 at 01:25 -0700, Mel Chua wrote:
> Details and agenda at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_meetings.
> See you folks there!
> --Mel


 I've been kinda buried under work in the last week, and this week will
not be much different as I had one exam yesterday, today and tomorrow I
got presentations and friday yet another exam for Finance Management
which is a pain :(

 As soon as get my stuff today done at the university I'll drive home
and log for the meeting, I can't provide an accurate time, because I'm
not aware on how things are going.

 Just as a personal reports from stuff going on:

 SWOT > Halted until I get some free time. I'm going to fill everything
up by myself.

 Feature Profiles: Closing this one soon. Got my interview going on with
Dan Williams. Waiting for reply, then 24 hours to get the article done.
Changed the whole thing I had planned for a more human perspective, and
not to hassle Dan too much saying everything he already wrote on the
wiki. I focused this interview mainly around "becoming a developer" and
highlighting his experience with FOSS. The tech stuff is already present
on the wiki by Dan himself.

 60 sec pitch> I've taken this into consideration and will provide it

 Promotion Video > While thinking for the 60 sec pitch I came up with a
rough sketch about a 60 sec video. Will make it available on planet and
will ask Zoltan for some help if he wants to make it happen. Else, I'm
sorry to say this, but I can do it through Sony Vegas (which I already
know) and make available using open formats. Though the Project Files
I'll probably keep them to myself as they are from proprietary software.

 Packaging: struggling with asm2psm. Can't find anything about this, but
I'm going to nag Dave soon about it. The fonts are done.

 At personal level I'm buried with school work, but I'm planning to
leave this month school as I'm moving off to Lisbon most likely in the
end of the month for a new job at NFSi Telecom (http://www.nfsi.pt)
where I will be taking care of 2 projects, one national (wifi
infra-structure deployment and exploration) and one international. So my
time is going to be a bit more scarce in the next months.

 I've also tryed to push forward a Portuguese Fedora Mirror on a
10Gigabit line (Portugal only) and international 1Gbx2 (bonding). But
somewhow it got stuck somewhere :(

 Anyway, I just wanted to fill in a personal report. For the rest, I
believe you mentioned going to Google. I wish you the best of luck in
the achieving your personal goals. I hope you will still be around here,
because you somehow are the engine and soul of this group.

 Kindest Regards,

Nelson Marques
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