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Jan Wildeboer jwildebo at
Wed Apr 14 10:47:02 UTC 2010

On 04/14/2010 12:19 PM, Mario Torre wrote:

> You can definitely use the core version, but may you depend of vendor
> specific plugins to do you job, just think about WebSphere or MyEclipse
> with support for the Matisse graphics builder in Eclipse.

The core question here stays: Should we *promote* openCore stuff in 
Fedora Marketing material. Please stay focused.

Do we *promote* Eclipse in that sense?

> You may say that the core version is good enough, but in my opinion is
> not. So where's the boundary? It's completely user defined.

Yep. So we should ship it but nor promote it. Good to see that these 
companies/projects care for Fedora and we should praise them for that, 
but we should not *promote* it. There are so many interesting real open 
projects in Fedora that definitely deserve to be promoted.

> I know, it's a bit like comparing apples and oranges, but what I mean is
> this: if a feature, as in software, is nice to have, and there are no
> legal implications, that is, is fully conformant to our current rules
> and guidelines, I don't see why we should not support it. A vendor has
> the right to use and modify it's own software and sell it, with what you
> may consider added values (and thus, a selling point, and more selling
> means better chances to support the free code base).

Again - the question was on *promoting* these projects/companies. Nut 
about support or having them in the distro.

IMHO Fedora should use its marketing power to promote Open Solutions. 
Not comapny driven community stuff.


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