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On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 12:03:11PM -0400, Daniel Eiben wrote:
>    Here are some of our ideas for the one page release notes.
>    please comment!

Daniel, thanks for posting this.  I saw your notes in the document,
and wanted to respond to them.  However, I realized that if I
responded in that document, no one reading my email back to you would
see them -- unless they download the doc and read it.

It's much easier to simply write an email containing your notes, and
let people respond directly by email.  It lowers the bar for
participation, which means you'll get more people replying and feeding
off your ideas.

I'll post the relevant sections below to make this an easier process.

* * *

> "Automatic printer driver installation lets you connect a USB
> printer and install the printer drivers automatically.
>   -this should probably just be mentioned briefly"

This is *somewhat* the case now.  The print driver installation is
part of a larger theme of "better hardware enablement" in F13 which is
the feature profile that Robyn (?) is working on.  That profile can
combine this feature with our free 3D video driver support, color
management, and other enhancements (webcams and/or iPod/iPhone.  In
the interviews I'm starting to give to journalists in my role as
project leader, rather than call out print driver installation as a
superlative feature on its own -- even though it's very cool -- I'm
tying it together with these other hardware enablements to make a
better unified story about the work that Fedora does to make the
overall user experience better in the F13 release.

> Fedora and its sponsor Red Hat are dedicated to improving the
> quality and coverage of completely free accelerated video
> drivers. While we support user choice and do not prevent use of
> closed, proprietary drivers, we also recognize that these drivers
> sometimes conflict with and cause problems in the software written
> by FOSS community members.
>  -Fedora 13 features and contributes to experimental 3D support for
>  many NVidia video cards using the 100% free software Nouveau driver
> since I'm not really a developer or administrator I'm less sure what
> should go in these next sections, recommendations from the more
> experienced community members would be great

You might benefit from comparing the Fedora 12 talking points to the
Fedora 12 one-page release notes.  The talking points are designed for
our community members and Ambassadors, and since they understand
Fedora deeply, the talking points focus on features.  The one-page
release notes are designed to be more "glossy" and appeal directly to
end users.

If you look at the F12 versions, you can see how our talking points
get transformed from a statement of "Here's a cool feature" into the
one-page release notes statements of "Hers's what YOU can do with
Fedora" -- making the user the focus, as opposed to the technology.

Here are the links you'll want to look at:

Hope this helps.

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