release notes: allegheny students

Mel Chua mel at
Wed Apr 14 16:30:50 UTC 2010

Daniel & team, thanks for the kickoff (and to Paul for the first round 
of comments!)

I've added our notes to a wiki page 
( so it's 
easier (hopefully!) for you to migrate it over to the main page 
( when you 
start writing the final text - I think you're certainly ready to begin 
your drafts in that space now.

Your original text:

Paul's edits:

My edits:

Finally, I think Paul's tips are right on. This is also what I suggested 
to the team on IRC on Tuesday - look at the talking points and see if 
you can figure out the relationship between them and the one page 
release notes for F12. We haven't necessarily gotten it *right*, but 
it's what we've done so far, and it's something you can probably improve 
upon. ;)

> You might benefit from comparing the Fedora 12 talking points to the
> Fedora 12 one-page release notes.  The talking points are designed for
> our community members and Ambassadors, and since they understand
> Fedora deeply, the talking points focus on features.  The one-page
> release notes are designed to be more "glossy" and appeal directly to
> end users.
> If you look at the F12 versions, you can see how our talking points
> get transformed from a statement of "Here's a cool feature" into the
> one-page release notes statements of "Hers's what YOU can do with
> Fedora" -- making the user the focus, as opposed to the technology.
> Here are the links you'll want to look at:
> Hope this helps.

One of the things that would be great is - as you're going along, think 
about how you would explain what you're doing to a team doing this for 
the next release cycle (6 months from now). Actually, you're already 
doing this - the questions you're asking and the drafts you're making 
are pointing out to us the kinds of resources and answers we need to 
have available to people making these in the future .


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