FYI - Fedora Insight Freeze dates

Pascal Calarco pcalarco at
Thu Apr 15 02:27:27 UTC 2010

On 04/14/2010 09:56 PM, Robyn Bergeron wrote:
> Caught this in IRC a bit ago -
> 17:23<  mmcgrath>  mchua_afk: any timeline on insight?  We unfroze
> today and will
>                    freeze again on the 4th.  If it's going to go live
> it should do
>                    so well in advance of that.  I'd say April 26th at the latest.

So we have the Zikula skin for Fedora Insight ticket that is open and 
then the FASAuth piece that we were testing last week as blockers.  I've 
updated the meeting agenda for tomorrow:

I have the basic FWN workflow documentation complete.  See:

There is still some documentation that is pending the specifics of how 
the FASAuth groups will map to Zikula permissions that we need to work 
out.  We can work on this in tomorrow's meeting.

   - pascal

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