Advertising "open core" software

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You learn to behave friendly and I start listening.


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On Thu, 15 Apr 2010, Jan Wildeboer wrote:
> Zarafa is not positioning itself on its own website as "All advantages
> of Micrososft Exchange at 50% of the costs" [1]. The version we have in
> the repos also seems to have a limit of 3 outlook users according to
> [2]. So in this specific case I do have some pain in promoting it. I
> would even go as far as saying that if the version of Zarafa in Fedora
> really has this 3 user limit it is against the philosophy and spirit of
> Fedora.

Get a clue of Zarafa, please. Fedora is shipping the Zarafa Open Source
Collaboration, which doesn't include any proprietary software, that means
there is no Outlook support at all in Fedora, even not the three mentioned
Outlook users from the community edition. The community edition contains
proprietary software which can be used up to three Outlook users. And the
community edition of Zarafa is the Open Source edition plus the proprietary
Outlook support with these given three users. Community != Open Source.


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