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Paul W. Frields stickster at
Thu Apr 15 20:02:38 UTC 2010

Hi guys,

I've got word back from the folks working on a couple feature videos
about their target dates for release.  The schedule looks like this:

27 April -- Python
 4 May   -- Desktop HW enablements

Kara Schiltz and I are going to try to build a Red Hat press blog
entry around each of these, which builds some additional context
around the video from the Red Hat side.

This is where the feature profiles come in.  If your content is ready
by that date, we can point to your feature profile on the wiki[1] from
the press blog article as well, enhancing the value of the content.
Both the press blog and the wiki page can point to the video, and
voila, the circle is complete.  (Cue Darth Vader breathing.) ;-)

Are these dates achievable for the folks working on those feature

* * *
[1] Yes, I want to use Insight for this material soon.  Because these
    dates are so very close to our production launch, and because we
    are still working on closing two risks (skin and docs) I would
    rather not tie these together right now.  Don't worry, there will
    be *plenty* of time to get more content onto FI provided we make
    our FI deadlines.

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