Feature Profiles in Fedora 13 - SELinux

Nelson Marques 07721 at ipam.pt
Fri Apr 16 13:35:11 UTC 2010

 Good people,

 As I'm ending my Feature Profile on NetworkManager, and I volunteered
for another Feature Profile, I've got suggestions from Mel... One of the
spins or Zafara. The first sounds nice, but I'd rather focus on
something else. The second, well, I am not on it's status on Fedora 13.
Since we're running for Fedora 13 release, and I've spoken countless
times about SELinux, despite of it's complexity (some say simplicity),
I've decided to take the road of pain.

My personal crusade: SELinux in Fedora 13.

Be mindful that this will probably take some time. But I'm placing my
efforts into it. I already have some nice information on my mailbox from
my SWOT research, will need to take a more closer approach. There's also
a great presentation about this technology, I'm going to contact the
author asking if he allows me to use is base for my work. This
presentation is like "SELinux for dummies".

I will follow the same approach as I did for NetworkManager, and it
should be turn out into something like this:

1. SELinux
1.1 - Technology
1.2 - Howto
1.3 - SELinux in Fedora 13
2. Interview with the crew
2.1 - Interview #1
2.2 - Interview #2
3. Interview Possibility - out of scope
3.1 - Interview #1 > Sysadmin / Security Analyst
3.2 - Interview #2 > Security Analyst / BOFH
4. Biography's

No screenshot planned. This should be done by release time with some
luck. What are the times to have this stuff done ?


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