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Sat Apr 17 17:35:15 UTC 2010

On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 10:55 AM, Nelson Marques <07721 at> wrote:
> This is mainly how I see it. There was once a workshop with Nicklodeon's
> Marketing Director. He was explaining how he got kidnapped by alliens
> and how he learned their numbers. He was making the symbols and telling
> us what those numbers where. No one made a damn clue about it and
> everyone was thinking that he was a looney. Eventually he pops out with
> "out of the box" and soon enough everyone was enlightened. This was a
> very amusing experience. This to say, that sometimes we need to think
> "out of the box". But most of us are just twisted by our day to day
> life. For example, a kid you know around 10 years or a bit older. Give
> him a Fedora DVD, explain him what it is (in words he can understand)
> and try to get him to say what if he got something that you can consider
> as a trade (at 10 he will never become a fedora contributor). But it is
> a trade.

I use AdWords for my company. I will never buy others peoples brand
names as a mean to spread my reach. Basically because I hate when
others do that.

I will love to see sponsoring links from Fedora.

I think is something really different from what we have done. But I
also think that to get other peoples "buying" this idea we need less
words. As most of us have lives beyond Fedora, when I reach an email
two screen long, I don't read it properly.  Sorry, I just can't. Those
emails make me feel depress, takes out the fifth F of Fedora = FUN. I
automatically switch to skim-reading-mode, scroll down fast to the end
and move the message out of my inbox. I am not "alien" to market
ideas, I felt more like a "10 yeard old kid" with a short span
attention ... less words, less "old-man-battle-tales"...  as a kid, I
need something short and fun to keep reading.

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