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Mon Apr 19 14:14:30 UTC 2010

Nelson Marques wrote on 04/16/2010 05:36 PM:
>  I had a small chat with a close friend of mine that is Marketing
> Director in an Italian group represented in Portugal.
>  We had some weird talk about Adword, and it actually I've seen some
> very weird stats. I've never worked with Adwords before, I am not even
> aware if Fedora does it, but this was interesting to analyse.
>  They bought some words on adwords and placed a small budget. They
> bought their usual words, and the most fun part, their competitors
> words. Strangely, they got roughly 40% of the hits incoming from
> searches from their competitors. For their case, that strategy seems to
> work fine (Ceramic Industry).
>  Not sure if the same could apply to us, or even if we use adwords, in
> case we do and are not exploring it that way, I would suggest a test on
> it for some "relevant" statistical data.
>  Just a thought...
>  nelson
Voice of Red Hat Legal here. Using others' trademarks for AdWords is a 
challenging area legally, heavily litigated in the US and EU. I'll need 
to be involved in any decision-making about it.



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