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Tue Apr 20 20:03:40 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-04-20 at 15:43 -0400, Jan Wildeboer wrote:
> As long as it doesn't becom Fedora investing time and ressources on 
> correcting and defending openCore companies, fine with me.

I am not planning to contribute on that field. In fact I turned down a
Feature Profile suggestion the other day about Zarafa.

> I still would advice Zarafa to call the opensource version different. Makes 
> all of our lives easier. But that is mid-term and up to Zarafa. Short term 
> we should try to set it right where needed by commenting and talking to 
> authors of articles.

I would leave that to the strategical planning people. I do share some
of your concerns specially on brand integrity and one thing that is
clear: the current name is free advertising for "open core" (whatever
that means).

We shouldn't do a press release, the ones who make Zarafa should, and
the investment on clearing this sort of thing should be from them (my
humble opinion), as they are clearly taking advantage of having a
product or at least an association mainstreamed freely through a
powerful distribution channel like Fedora.

> But we should focus more on the true goodies of Fedora. Zarafa is - as you 
> said - only one of them.

Sure we do... and in my opinion the press has failed in getting some
cool features and nice engineering... like Mesa 7.8, ATI Driver not
being unstable, nouveau (which all are truly amazing pieces of

PS: Personal opinion post, not to be associated with any institution I
might be connected to.

> Jan
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> Hi Jan,
> Am Dienstag, 20. April 2010 19:47:22 schrieb Jan Wildeboer:
> > Now I am not in the "told you so" department, but it unfolds as I 
> > expected.
> > Not much we can do now without harming either Fedora or Zarafa.
> Harm? This sounds dramatized. Fedora is in the press with zarafa as a 
> feature
> - and we disussed pro and contra already a lot.
> It is easy to oppose and disagree on new contributions - i know that it is
> part of your job at Red Hat to be a "pain" to non-FOSS Vendors ;) - but 
> Fedora
> is about enable and encourage people to contribute and i want to see that
> Press, Users,  - the world - get the right message - i already explained in
> detail why it is good that a community driven feature should advertised [1]
> Clarification and truth have nothing to do with harming - it is about 
> enlighten
> them and evangelize them to spread it right. We talk about FOSS Software 
> here
> and it seems Paul clarified things already to the author.
> cu Joerg
> [1] 
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